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30 inch Modern Kitchen Design cUPC Certified Undermount single Sink Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink HS3018

Item No. HS3018 stainless steel kitchen sink Material S.S 304# stainless steel
Type Under-mount Double Bowl Conner Radius R10
Surface Hand-made Stain,Brush finish Thickness 18Gauge(1.2mm)
Overrall Size
Inner bowl Size
Drain Opening Size 3.5″(90mm)or4.5″(114mm) Drain position middle-set
Finished Including sound deadening pad to reduce condensation and noise,coating printing to reduce dropping water
Installation Undermount installation,Supplied with fastening clips
Optional Accessories Strainer,Gird,basket waste,PVC pipe,chopping board,colander,soap dispenser
Packing 1PC/plastic bag including instruction book,6pcs plastic foam protect with pallet

High Qualitiy Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you’re planning on buying a new kitchen sink, chances are you’ve heard of zero radius kitchen sinks. But while most sink lingo is pretty self explanatory (apron sink, undermount sink, double bowl sink, etc.), “zero radius” isn’t quite so obvious. That’s why we’ve compiled this simple guide to getting to know these sleek, chic modern sinks, as well as a few pros and cons for installing them in your own kitchen.

So what are zero radius kitchen sinks? The answer is simpler than you might think: they’re essentially rectangular sinks. Now, most kitchen sinks are rectangular, but zero radius sinks are precisely rectangular, with sharp 90 degree corners and perfectly straight edges, rather than the more conventional gentle curves and sloped sides. The bottom and sides of the sink are perfectly flat, and are more than a little bit reminiscent of restaurant or other commercial sinks.

Zero radius kitchen sinks also have a few practical advantages over your standard kitchen sink. First and foremost, because they’re almost perfectly flat on the bottom, it’s much easier to stack dishes in the sink without the fear of them tipping over. Glasses will sit flat and pots and pans can be filled to the brim to soak. And because the corners of the sink aren’t rounded off, you actually end up with a slightly higher capacity sink in the same amount of space. Maybe most importantly, zero radius kitchen sinks are often paired with neat accessories, too – like sink grids that offer even greater stability and keep the sink from being damaged, or even colanders or cutting boards that sit firmly on the edge of the sink, turning the sink into a usable prep space.

Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Large Single Bowl Laundry Sink

Premium T-304 Stainless Steel Construction
* Sound Insulated with Thick Rubber Dampening Pads & Stone Guard Undercoating
* Channel Grooves Engineered for Optimal Drainage
* 18G Steel for Added Durability
* Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans
Beautiful Corner—R10 corner are easy for cleaning and don’t bury with dirty.

Perfect division line: Having water flowed out immediately to keep sink clean.

Gray coating: Damp-proof and leak-proof, absorbing drop of water from condensation to keep cabinet dry.

Silencer pads: Noise-proof, reducing the crashing noise of water flow and sink.

Popular Optional Water Hole : Middle hole or Rear Hole is available . Rear hole can take good advantage of cabinets space .

3018-ALT2 3018-MAIN 3018-MAIN1 HS3018R-1 HS3018R-2