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Laminate Countertops Solid Surface Countertops Granite Countertops Quartz Countertops
Laminate Countertops Solid Surface Countertops Granite Countertops Quartz Countertops
Scratch Resistance
Heat Resistance
Stain Resistance
Seamless Resistance
Color & Pattern Consistency
Sealing Requirement

• Best value• Durable

• Resists water

• Easy to install yourself

• Easiest cleaning & upkeep

• Hundreds of color & style options

• Resists water,bacteria & stains• Easily sand out dents, chips & scratches

• Nonporous

• Virtually seamless for easy cleaning

• Integral backsplash & sink options

• Wide choice of colors & patterns

• Highly heat-resistant• Resists stains & bacteria when treated & properly sealed

• Great for baking preparations

• Rich visual texture in a range of colors

• Resists heat, water, bacteria & stains• Most durable option, resists scratches

• Nonporous

• Easy cleaning

• Feels like natural stone but requires low maintenance

• More consistent color & pattern than natural stone


• Inappropriate for cutting• Visible edges

• Visible seams

• Susceptible to scratching• Less heat-resistant than quartz or granite

• Porous, must be sealed once a year to resist stains & bacteria• Can split if vein is stressed

• Visible seams

• Limited color selection• Scratches are hard to remove

• Visible seams


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Quartz colors we have now
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Many different colors of Quartz Countertop & Granite Countertop

Kitchen for you is not only one of the rooms in your house but it is the room where you spend most of time cooking and preparing food for your family. Moreover, kitchen is the room where your family are gathering together in the morning to enjoy their oatmeal and eating their dinner and sharing their stories. There are a lot of activities you and your family are doing in the kitchen. That is your new year resolution is providing your family a classic and comfortable kitchen for them to enjoy your cooking and having some fun together. However, you just don’t have any idea about what kind of kitchen look you want to have you just know that the kitchen is supposed to be modern and comfortable.  Update your kitchen countertop might be the first step to give your kitchen fresh look.

Quartz countertops get high marks for both beauty and durability. As a form of engineered stone this type of surfacing combines both the attractiveness and robustness of stone with the benefits that modern technology can bring. Determining whether it’s a good choice for you depends on your style preferences, cost sensitivity and how you balance it’s pros and cons.  It’s a great product but it’s not bullet-proof, just as real stone has its hangups. If you like the natural, varied look of stone today’s quartz products do a great job at doing just that — looking like real stone.

Quartz countertops aren’t just stone imitators. There are colors and patterns that don’t look anything like stone but provide a beautiful surface that can add ‘wow’ to any kitchen or bathroom.  That technology, which includes a resin binder and added colors, gives quartz surfacing benefits that some natural stones don’t have. In some ways, it’s like getting the best of both worlds.  Quartz has many similarities with marble. A stone is marble, while the natural quartz crystals constitute the majority of the composition of quartz-sheet. Marble is also a high-end material, but is cheaper in sheet form.


What Exactly Are Quartz Countertops?

Before we even begin talking about countertops let’s first talk about quartz itself.

Quartz is a mineral and one of the most abundant on our planet. It’s not a “stone” by itself but one of the ingredients that makes up stone. For example, granite is one form of stone that’s made up of several minerals, primarily quartz and feldspar.

So when it comes to countertops the quartz variety isn’t “solid quartz”, but rather, a combination of the quartz mineral and several other additives. Their makeup is about 93% quartz, with the remainder made up by a resin binder and color additives.

In other words, it’s a human-made product. Quartz counters aren’t quarried out of the earth and cut into slabs like granite and other stones that are used as kitchen and bath counters. Quartz countertops are one form of engineered stone countertops (which is probably a misnomer in this case since we just established that quartz isn’t a ‘stone’).


Black Galaxy Quartz Countertop, our newest stock.


Good Ingredients Make For Good Counter-tops

Quartz is a very hard material, second only to diamond. The resin binds the quartz minerals together and the combination is “baked” under heat and pressure.

The resin binder makes the whole recipe non-porous. It does this by filling in all the cracks and crevasses between the quartz crystals. What you end up with is a very hard, durable and non-porous work surface. Not to mention the fact that they look real nice too.

Some manufacturers advertise their products as “natural quartz”; well, yes, it’s natural. But remember that it’s natural quartz that’s combined with other materials that make up those “natural quartz” countertops. In other words, don’t be confused into thinking that it’s a slab of quartz that’s been taken out of the ground and cut and polished like granite.

The main message you should walk away with here is that quartz countertops are man-made but they’re also durable, clean (they don’t harbor any evil-doing bacteria) and attractive. All great attributes for any countertop surface.


Which Is Cheaper – Granite Or Quartz?

This is a question that’s commonly asked when homeowners are considering quartz or granite for their next countertop surface. The answer to this question is as variable as the types of stone and quartz you can choose from, and it all depends on the particular type of granite or quartz that you select.

For example, granite countertops can range anywhere from $30 per square foot to over $100 per square foot. Even lower prices are possible with promotions and sales associated with limited color selections.

Quartz countertops are no different, with costs stretching across a similar range depending on the particular product you choose.

Choose a $35-per-square-foot granite and you’ll be paying less than some quartz countertops. On the other hand, choose a $50-per-square-foot quartz product and you’ll still pay less than some premium granite colors.  The key is to find what combination of decision factors works best for you; looks/style, cost (including installation) and durability, to determine if granite or quartz is the better choice.  KOKOLS IS known to have bargain price on both Granite Countertop & Quartz Countertop, Please visit our show room at

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